Get Ready Parents Page: Preparedness information to share with your family

Experiencing a disaster is hard enough for adult: Just imagine what it must be like for children.

Mom reads to her sonLuckily, getting prepared for an emergency isn’t an adults-only activity. Involving kids in your family’s preparedness activities can be key to helping them stay safe and overcome their fears.

Some quick tips for preparing your family for emergencies:

• Talk to your kids about disasters before they occur, and let them know you are prepared. Go over the types of disasters most likely to occur in your community.

• Let them that know that are many people who will be on hand to help in an emergency, such as police officers, firefighters and school and health officials.

• Rehearse your emergency plans. Quiz your kids regularly on important phone numbers and emergency meeting locations.

• Build your emergency supply kit together. Involve your kids in making a list of what your family needs and shop for supplies together. Don't forget your family pets!

For more information, download one of our Get Ready fact sheets!

Preparedness tips for parents

Parents fact sheet

English & Spanish

Preparedness tips for kids

Kids fact sheet

English & Spanish

Preparing for home disasters

Home disasters fact sheet

English & Spanish

School preparedness

Schools preperadness fact sheet

English & Spanish

Emergency supply checklist

emergency supply checklist

English & Spanish

Moms & disaster preparedness

Moms and disasters fact sheet

English & Spanish

Hand-washing facts (general)

Hand-washing fact sheet

English & Spanish

Hand-washing facts for parents

hand-washing facts for parents

English & Spanish

Information on vaccines for kids

Vaccines for kids

English & Spanish

Information on vaccines for teens

Vaccines for teens

English & Spanish

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Flu vaccination ecard

Preparedness info for pregnant women & families with infants

Everyone needs to be prepared for disasters, but pregnant women and families have special needs. Our new six-part fact sheet series created with the March of Dimes has info to help you get prepared. Read and share the new fact sheets, podcast, Q&A and more!

Family meeting photoMore Get Ready fact sheets
APHA's Get Ready campaign includes more than 60 facts sheets in English and Spanish on a range of preparedness topics. Visit our fact sheet page to browse, download and share them with your family!

Materials for kids
Disasters can be scary for kids, but being prepared ahead of time can help them feel more safe. Download our games and information for kids and share them with your family now. Our fact sheets for kids are written at their level, so they can read them with you or on their own. Visit the Get Ready kids page.


Additional resources from APHA: Free Healthy You fact sheets
APHA's Get Ready campaign focuses on preparing for disasters and health emergencies.

For general health and safety fact sheets on a wide range of topics, visit

Healthy You fact sheets, which are produced by The Nation's Health, APHA's newspaper, are available in English, Spanish and audio files. They're great to share at home or in your community!